The Fetch
Biographical Information
Full name: Gavin Murphy
Born: after the pre-crossing to the Tearling
Status: Alive
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Distinguishing features: Dark hair

Black eyes

The Queen Of Tearling

The Fetch is a leader of a criminal gang, who comes to Kelsea's rescue. He usually wears a mask and thus his identity is unknown. As Kelsea is fleeing the Caden with the Mace, the Fetch takes this opportunity to capture Kelsea; he also brings the Mace. He then keeps Kelsea at his gang's camp for a few days but does not harm her. He also takes both the necklaces. Later, when the Fetch lets Kelsea go he returns one necklace but keeps the other one and tells her that he will be keeping an eye on what she does as queen. If he feels Kelsea is deserving, he pledges to return the other necklace to her.

The Fetch is shown next watching Kelsea from afar as she burns the cages in the pass and appears to approve of her. He also hunts down and kills the Regent, Thomas. Before killing him, the Fetch reveals his face to Thomas and it appears that he is someone the Regent thought dead.

The Invasion of the Tearling