Pen Alcott
Biographical Information
Full name: Pen Alcott
Born: unknown
Age: 30 (In the Queen of Tearling)
Status: Alive
Significant Other/s: Kelsea Glynn (Paramour)
Family: Distant Relative- Cathy Alcott (from Lily Mayhew's time)
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Distinguishing features: 5'7" height (170 cm)


Pen is one of Kelsea's Queen's guards. Pen is one of the younger members of the guards and noted by Kelsea to have a smaller, more lithe build compared to other members of her guard. Due to his smaller build he is often chosen to lend Kelsea his armor during undercover missions. When it came time to pick a personal guard for Kelsea Pen was the most vocal and Mace chose him not only for his enthusiasm but also his skill with the sword. Pen is noted to be swift and can land some good blows. Overtime Pen's admiration slowly turns into feelings of love towards Kelsea. The two have difficulty coming to terms with their feelings towards one another. Kelsea is shown to take a particular notice In Pen in the second novel where she slowly grows attracted to him. Kelsea continuously makes offers to Pen of sleeping together but his initial loyalty is his duty as a member of the Guard. Their interactions become awkward for a brief period of time as the two are unable to sort out their feelings towards one another. As times goes on he finally accepts her offer and they begin to sleep together frequently. Kelsea learns that Pen is in love with her and overtime she decides that while her thoughts often wander to fantasizing about the Fetch and he is the one that preoccupies her mind she has developed some sort of love/attraction to Pen.

Combat abilities

Although Pen is rather small, he is rumored to be incredibly gifted in swordplay, which justifies his position as a Queen's Guard.

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