Lily Mayhew
Biographical Information
Full name: Lily Mayhew
Born: Na
Status: Deceased
Significant Other/s: Greg Mayhew


Physical Description
Gender: Female

Lily Mayhew was one of the people who followed William Tear in the Crossing to the New World. She lived in the pre-Crossing America, and was married to government official Greg Mayhew.


During her childhood Lily was ignorant of the way the world worked, and how dangerous it was to speak about certain things. Because of this she unintentionally got her sister arrested by the government when she was young, by repeating things she heard her sister say in the wrong company. Her sister's disappearance affected her family significantly, especially her father, who favoured her sister over her and couldn't cope with her loss. Because of this she was never really close with her parents.

When Lily was in college she met Greg, and married him even though her parents never liked him. During this time in history women had no power, and were losing their rights due to a law passed by the government. Women were expected to stay home and look after the house while their husbands worked, and books and media were censored to eliminate what the government viewed as inappropriate content. Lily was content to be a housewife, and was expected to bear children because of a tax exemption granted to families with many kids. However, Lily realised that Greg was not the man she thought he was; he was unfeeling, inconsiderate, childish and controlling. He had no understanding of empathy, and used to drink a lot. Because of this Lily loses the urge to have children, as she comes to find Greg repulsive, and knows he would not be a good father. To ensure she will never have children Lily visits a fertility clinic, where the only female doctor secretly provides her with contraception, which Lily hides in the nursery in her house, the only place Greg never visits. She programs the surveillance system in her house to run a loop of the nursery, to hide her actions. 

One day a wounded woman falls into her backyard while Greg is at work. The woman is part of the Resistance which fights against the government. Lily finds out that her bodyguard, Jonathan, is also part of the Resistance when he tries to help the woman. Lily impulsively asks Jonathan to let the woman stay in the nursery to recover. He consents, and calls a Resistance doctor to come tend her gunshot wound. Lily spends the next few days tending and hiding the woman, until one day she finds a man in the nursery talking to the woman. The man was William Tear

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