Lazarus (The Mace)
Biographical Information
Full name: Lazarus of the Mace (formerly Christian)
Born: na
Age: Early 40s
Status: Alive
Significant Other/s: na
Family: na
Physical Description
Gender: Male

Lazarus, also known as The Mace, is the second-in-command of the soldiers that guard Kelsea Glynn.


Lazarus grew up in a very rough part of new London. Originally named Christian, he was given the name Mace by those that watched him fight in the child-fighting rings. He learned to kill at a very young age, and is still traumatised by his childhood.

Queen of the Tearling

Lazarus is charged by Carroll to escort Kelsea to her throne in New London. He succeeds, although they get some help from The Fetch. When they arrive at the Keep he is appointed Captain of the Queensguard. He also rules the kingdom in the Queen's absentia, e.g. during the time she was wounded from attacks by the Regent's Guard and the Caden.

Invasion of the Tearling

work in progress


Lazarus is rather cold, calculating and ruthless, although this only helps him in his new job as he can read the minds of people very well. He is very decisive and tactful and is a clear leader, able to command the Queensguard with smooth efficiency.


Kelsea Glynn

work in progress

Combat abilities

Lazarus is considered to be an extremely capable fighter, operating on a whole different level compared to the rest of the Queen's Guard and even the Caden. This is shown during his fight defending Kelsea in the first book, where he fights and kills four Caden at once, often killing them in a single well-hit blow. He often thinks ahead of his opponents, not just one step but ten steps. More than once, he can analyse defenses and determine where all of the weak spots are and how to improve them. Even the Red Queen admits that he is "very dangerous, a ruthlessly effective blood hound"


  • There are rumors about Lazarus sleeping with Queen Elyssa in his youth that lead others to speculate he is Kelsea's biological father. However, there is no evidence provided at this time to prove whether this speculation is actuality.
    • At one point Kelsea outright asks him whether he is her father. He denies it.

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