Kelsea Glynn
Portrayed by Emma Watson (unconfirmed???)
Biographical Information
Full name: Kelsea Raleigh Glynn
Age: 19
Status: Alive
Significant Other/s: Pen Alcott (Paramour)
Family: Queen Elyssa (mother)

Regent Thomas Raleigh (Uncle, deceased)

Mhurn(father, deceased)

Evelyn Raleigh (great great-aunt)

William Tear (distant relative, deceased)

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Distinguishing features: 5'7 height (170 cm)

hair color: blonde

eye color:green
Kelsea Raleigh Glynn is the Queen of the kingdom of the Tearling. The Queen of The Tearling follows her as she attempts to overcome the evils that plague her kingdom, as well as the plotting of The Red Queen, the monarch of the neighboring kingdom, Mortmesne.


Kelsea Glynn was born to the late Queen Elyssa Raleigh of the Tearling, and an unknown father. She was sent into hiding by her mother days before the former's assasinationn. Kelsea was raised in secret by Carlin and Barty Glynn, who educated and trained her until she was nineteen. Carlin was a noble, and Queen Elyssa's mentor. Barty, on the other hand, was a former medic on the Queen's Guard.

Ascending the Throne

Once Kelsea reached 19 years of age, the former Queen's Guard, lead by Carroll, arrived at the Glynn cottage. After confirming her identity and bidding Carlin and Barty a tearful farewell, Kelsea and the Guard began the long journey to New London, the capital of the Tearling. On the way there, however, they are pursued by the Caden, a secretive and elite group of assassins, who were commissioned by the Regent, Kelsea's Uncle. Unbeknownst to Kelsea and her Guard, they were also followed by The Fetch, and his band of thieves. After a day's riding, the group was forced to split up, in order to get Kelsea to the Keep safely. Kelsea is forced to don the armor of Pen Alcott, one of the Guard. She and Lazarus, the Guard's second in command, finish the journey on their own. Eventually, however, a team of four Caden catch up to them, and halt their progress. Lazarus is able to slay the four of them, but is finally brought down once the Fetch arrives to imprison both he and Kelsea.