Edward christopher ''Ed '' sheeran is an English singer song writer/guitarist and pianoist

Ed was born febuary 17 1991. ed was born in hebden bridge,West Yorkshire and raised in framligham,suffolk, he moved to london in the year 2008 to make his dreams of becoming a singer come early 2011 was when he released his record ''no . 5 collaborations project'' which caught the attention of elton john and jamie foxx. He then got signed to Asylum records. His debut album x pronounced + contains the songs the a team,lego house ,sing and many more ed sheeran x . in 2012,Ed sheeran won two brit awards

Me personally I wouldn't say that Ed sheeran is just a singer I would say he is a rapper as well because if you notice in most of his songs he tends to have a little bit of a rap in it.

Ed sheerans' fame abroad began 2012. in the us he made an apperance on taylor swifts album red and he wrote some song for one direction[ theat means that one direction are not all what they say they are].

Ed sheeran is half Irish his grand parents on his dads side are irish. Ed sheeran was raised as a roman catholic. ed sang in a local church choir from the age of four. ed learned how to play the guitar from young and he began writing songs during his time at thomas mills high school in framlingham.

thankyou for reading by Georgina Brown