The Caden is a club of assassins for hire. Some are noble but others are common criminals. They are highly trained and put to the test to be accepted into membership, but - once a member - they can be hired at high price as trackers and assassins. The club pools its resources and its people when it comes to large and pricey jobs, and are hired by Thomas Raleigh to hunt down Kelsea Glynn prior to and after being crowned Queen of the Tearling. Because they never manage to complete their task, they fall into debt from paying out so much for the hunt without reaping the financial rewards. Eventually, this makes them even abandon the task and move on to easier prey.


Combat abilities

The Caden are renowned fighers, especially notorious for their deadliness and skills in combat. Although not all the Caden are 'valued' the same, all of them are considered equally dangerous, even by the Queen's Guard.